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Dear colleagues,

I cordially invite you to join the ERA-endorsed 7th EUROD winter meeting in Leuven, Belgium from Jan 17-19, 2024.

Also this year, the CME (19 Jan 2024) tackles a clinically highly relevant topic, i.e. “Inflammation and CKD (–MBD)”

Systemic low grade inflammation is a common but often neglected finding in patients with CKD. A plethora of endogenous and exogenous mediators are known to induce inflammation in CKD. Gut dysbiosis recently emerged as another important culprit. Inflammation may play a central role in the pathogenesis of chronic kidney disease and its cardiometabolic complications. Besides fueling vascular calcification and bone loss, inflammation contributes to kidney disease progression and erythropoietin resistance. Insights from osteoimmunology and osteomicrobiology undoubtedly add another level of complexity to the pathogenesis of CKD-MBD. These novel insights create therapeutic opportunities, with drugs and nutriceuticals targeting inflammation either directly or indirectly rapidly gaining interest.

We welcome an outstanding international faculty, including

  • Prof. Speer, Hamburg, Germany
  • Prof Shanahan, London, UK
  • Prof. Pacifici, Atlanta, US
  • Prof Ortiz, Madrid, Spain
  • Prof. Del Vecchio, Como, Italy
  • Prof. Stenvinkel, Stockholm, Sweden

 The CME targets a broad audience of clinicians and researchers and also aims for maximal interaction between speakers and audience.

 I hope to see you all in Leuven,       

Pieter Evenepoel, MD, PhD, FERA

Chair EUROD, an initiative of the ERA CKD-MBD working group

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